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Tips for reducing workers’ compensation claims

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2021 | Workers' Compensation Defense |

Workers’ compensation remains one of the biggest expenses for small businesses. Business owners who cite workers comp as a major business challenge are looking for ways to lessen the burden. Following are some tips that could help your business meet the financial challenges of paying for your workers’ comp coverage.

  • Prioritize safety: Ways to keep your employees safe include implementing a written safety control program and enacting disciplinary measures for those to neglect safety concerns. Fewer claims means a safer, more productive workforce and lower insurance rates.
  • Conduct drug tests: A drug free workforce is a safer workforce. Identifying employees with drug and alcohol problems is critical for their safety and the safety of other employees. Also, if a workplace accident occurred due to drug or alcohol use, it may not be compensable.
  • Document accident scenes: When accidents do occur, thoroughly document them, compiling photographic evidence of the scene, questioning eyewitnesses and gathering other information about how the accident took place. This information will prove crucial in the process of defending against a workers’ compensation claim.
  • Keep an eye out for fraud: If you suspect a claim is fraudulent, let your insurance provider know as soon as possible so they can begin an investigation.

Keeping up with your workers’ compensation obligations can be expensive, but with skilled guidance, you can meet these challenges in an efficient manner. If you have legal questions regarding coverage or claims, speak with an attorney who is experienced in handling workers’ compensation issues for small businesses.